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We understand that every landlord is different. We therefore have adopted our offerings to best match your profile below. We are also open to exploring other options with our landlords. 

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Property Management
Maximize your unit's earnings

Malaysia’s Tourism industry is booming, why not make profit from it? ​Our partners achieve 50% to 125% higher monthly returns on their units as compared to regular rents. For instance, a unit in KLCC that rents for RM4000 yields, on average between RM7000 and RM10150 per month after all taxes, cleaning, and maintenance expenses.

We Handle Everything

We handle everything from isting preparation, decorations, professional photography, utilities, internet, cleaning, maintenance, guest check-ins, check-outs, communications, to taxes, and much more. We manage over 17 luxury unit in Kuala Lumpur and we lend our experience to guarantee our unit’s success.

Automated Monthly Payments

Every month, on the 5th at 8am Malaysia Time, the payments will be scheduled and processed. Punctuality is of utmost importance to our operations.

Detailed Monthly Reports

We provide you with a detailed multi-page report at the end of every month outlining all the bookings, revenues, demographics and data, as well maintenance, costs, and all the bills. Full transparency is guaranteed.

Transparent Fee

For the services we provide, we charge a simple and clear fee structure. From whatever the unit makes in a month after taxes and cleaning fees (which are charged to the guest), we charge 30%. Even net of our fee, our partners experience significant increases in their monthly revenues with the same effort as running a long-term rental!

24/7 Care

We have full time, multilingual staff available to assist with any enquiries and to ensure that your units are well taken care of!

Long-Term Rental
Steady income & additional perks

We sign long-term contract of 1, 2, or 3 years to take over your unit. We offer market-competitive rents with additional profit incentives as our partner! No more vacancy, expensive stamp fees, or headaches!​

Automated Payments

We make automatic, punctual, online bank payments for all of our units.With us, you will receive your rent, on the 1st of each month, every month at 8am. No more calls or time wasted chasing tenants. Preserve your peace of mind.

Profit Incentives

As our valued partner, we would like to make you part of our success! On top of your monthly rent, we will provide you with a share of our profits. We have different tiers of profit sharing incentives which can be negotiated (2%, 5%, and even 10%).  If you would like to keep a higher share of the profits, please consider our Property Management Services (above)

24/7 Care

We have full time, multilingual staff available to assist with any enquiries and to ensure that your units are well taken care of!

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